Social Studies lesson plan Week 10 second term-jss2

by Loise Braina
Week  10 
Date March 11th to 15th, 2024 
Class JSS 2
Period  2
Duration  40 minutes per period 
Resources M.A. Orebanjo et. al. Macmillan JSS Social Studies book 2 

M. Anikpo et. al. (Second Edition) Basic Social – Studies with Security Education for Jss 2

Instructional materials  Use of power point slides 

Use of video 

Theme  Accident in the school
Day 1 11th March 2024 1st period
Topic  Accident in the school 
Learning Objectives  At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to;

  1. Describe accident 
  2. Discover types of accident in school 
Key Vocabulary Words  Trauma, Unfortunate, Trip and slip, Dangerous, Dislocation, Bruises
Previous Knowledge  The students already have an idea with gender stereotypes
Content  Accident in the school

Definition of Accident 

Accident is a harmful in nature. Accident is also unfortunate and unexpected event that destroys lives and property.

Types of Accident in The School

  1. Falls 
  2. Playground injuries 
  3. Cuts 
  4. Food poisoning 
  5. Sports injuries 
Strategies/ Activities  Step I: The teacher introduces the class by playing a short video showing (a boy who sustain an injury while playing football in school). 

Step II: the students role play and demonstrate how rough play can cause accident in the school.

Step III: The teacher gives a detailed explanation on the concept.

Step IV: The students are allowed to ask questions and the teacher attends to them accordingly.

Step V: the students where allow to carry out their classwork and marking and feedback was given immediately.

Step VI: The teacher summarizes and give assignment to the students.

  1. Define accident
  2. Explain the following terms: (a) Cuts (b) food Poisoning (c) Sport Injuries (d) Fractures 
Conclusion  The Teacher summarizes the class by randomly asking the students and using open ended questioning style on them 
Assignment  The students are expected copy their notes               

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