JSS1 English Examination- 2nd Term

To get the mark guide for the JSS1 English Examination, kindly contact us. The examinations comprises the six major aspects of English study for the junior secondary one. These include:

  1. Essay
  2. Comprehension
  3. Grammatical Accuracy
  4. Vocabulary Development
  5. Test of Orals and
  6. Literature


CLASS:          JSS One                              


TIME:                        2hrs

JSS1 English Examination- 2nd Term


Instruction: Choose only ONE Question in this section. Do not write less than 200 words.

  1. Your friend in another school has asked you for the description of your school. Describe your school to him.
  2. Write an essay on the topic: My First at Day Emmanuel Baptist College


Answer all the questions in this section

  1. Define Noun Phrase and give examples
    1. Divide each of these sentence into determiner and Noun
  2. The housemaster
  3. Some of the farmers



Instruction: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

The Chief of our town in those days was a great man. He was a very powerful ruler, and so he had many wives. He was also famous as a very mighty hunter and he had killed so many wild animals that people stopped counting. He killed antelope and small game, leopards and elephant. His craftsmen took the tusks of the elephants and carved them into ornaments for the chief to wear. You can see some of those ornaments in the palace today. Like King Solomon in the Bible, who had many wives, the Chief too was much troubled by his wives, for they fought and quarreled and shouted so much that they filled the palace with the noise. Their children were so bad, and they fought and quarreled and argued and shouted in the same way, from the elder princes old enough to take part in battles, right down to the little children who could barely walk. No wonder the poor Chief was happiest when he was hunting in the bush.

Comprehension Questions

  1. The Chief had many wives because_________ A. He was very strong ruler B. He was a famous hunter C. He had many ornaments D. He had killed many wild animals E. The woman were attracted by the chief ornaments
  2. Why did people stop counting the animals the Chief had killed? A. The chief did not like it B. The people were too lazy to count C. A chief should not hunt animals D. The animals were getting too many to be counted E. They thought it was stupid
  3. The Chiefs craftsmen carved tusks of elephants into ornaments because________ A. they wanted to sell the ornaments B. they meant to keep them in the palace for visitors C. the king ordered them to do so D. they wanted the chief to wear them E. the chief killed elephants
  4. The Chief was like King Solomon in the Bible because_________ A. He was famous B. He was wise C. He hunted animals D. He had many quarrelsome wives E. He wore ornaments
  5. There was so much noise in the Chief’s palace because_________ A. The wives and children quarreled with one another B. There was always one festival or the other C. The animals which the Chief captured made the noise D. The Chief’s soldier was fighting near the palace E. The people

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate words from the options provided (a-e)

  • I am _______ with his work. A. Familiarly B. Familiar C. Familiarity D. familiarize
  • It was _______unanimous decision A. a B. an C. the  D. one of
  • The types of intonation are ____ and ____. a) Pitch and rising (b) falling and rising (c) rising and weakling    d) falling and fall
  • All are types of letter writing EXCEPT (a) Narrative (b) formal (c) informal   (d) semi-formal
  • _____________ are parts of the body involved in the production of speech sounds. A. parts of speech B. adverbials C. Vocatives D. organs of speech


Instruction: Choose the correct option (a-d) to complete the following sentences.

  1. The ___________ is the smallest social unit of people in a community or society. (a) school (b) peer group (c) family (d) society .
  2. Ebun’s sister-in-law is her _________________ (a) husband’s brother (b) husband’s wife (c) husband’s sister (d) step sister
  3. Members of one’s extended family are referred to as (a) relations (b) relating (c) next of kin (d) ancestors
  4. A girl who is your father’s daughter, but not your mother’s daughter is your _____________ (a) step sister (b) aunt (c) cousin (d) sister
  5. The dowry is provided by the _______________ (a) groom (b) groom’s family (c) wedding guest (d) bride’s family


Instruction: Choose the correct option (a-d) to complete the following sentences.

  1. I______ king last year A. Was seen B. Had seen C. Saw D. Will see
  2. The thief was caught_______ A. Green handed B. Red-handed C. Blue handed D. White handed
  3. Discretion is the _____________part of valour A. best B. better C. good D. well
  4. Adebayo is good………..English Language A. at (b) on  (c) inside(d) for
  5. There aren’t ________ books on the table. A. any B. few C. lots D. much E. some
  6. All his _________ were packed in ten boxes. (a) baggages (b) baggage (c) luggages (d) ten luggages
  7. I would like to choose a ________ in banking. (a) carrear (b) carrier (c) career (d) carreer
  8.  __________ Promotion was given to Ojo because of his outstanding performance. (a) Automattic (b) Automatic (c) Authomatic (d) Orthomatic
  9.  Their ___________________ started the war. (a) adversary (b) adverssary (c) advisory (d) adeversary
  10. Put the book on the table over _________(a) their (b) dear (c) thiere (d) there

Choose the correct part of speech for the word in italic from the options provided for each of the following:

  • This is incredible. (a) noun (b) preposition (c) pronoun (d) verb
  •  He writes legibly. (a) adjective (b) adverb (c) preposition (d) interjection
  • Swimming is my hobby. (a) verb (b) noun (c) adjective (d) adverb
  • Daniel is a fast runner. (a) adverb (b) verb (c) adjective (d) pronoun


Instruction: Choose from the options lettered a-d, the one that contains the given phonetics symbol

  • /f/ A. match B. division C. elephant D. judge
  • /e/ A. bucket B. key C. said D. mean
  • /I:/ A. air B. fern C. lure D. key
  • /a:/ A. lawn B. vote C. market D. fool
  • /k/ A. knight B. gnaw C. grand D. cane


Instruction: Choose from the options lettered a-d, the one that contains the appropriate answer

  • The man is a lion. This statement is an example of a __________.A. simile B. Mood C. heroin D. Metaphor E. villain
  • A person in a story, or literary work is called _________.A. comedian B. antagonist C. plot D. character E. protagonist
  • The three genres of Literature are _________. A. story, essay and letter B. epic, elegy and sonnet C. poetry, drama and songs D. drama, poetry and prose E. dance, drama and songs
  • The _______ idea of any piece of writing is called the theme. A. entire B. whole C.basic D. centre E. central
  • The author of the text ‘ Addiction’ is ———— A. Aristotle B. Williams Shakespeare C. Senghor Samuel D. Nicole Bertram
  • The moral lessons in ADDICTION is ————-A. Dangers of drug . B. importance of drug B. availability of alcohol D. Drink and drive


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