History Studies Lesson Plan Second Term-JSS2

by Loise Braina
Week  10 & 11
Date March 11th to 22nd, 2024 
Class JSS 2
Subject  HISTORY
Period  2
Duration  40 minutes per period 
Resources Sola Akinyemi et. al. Fundamental of History for Basic 8 (Jss 2) 

Internet (Edudelight.com)

Instructional materials  Use of Map of Nigeria 

Use of photographs showing the people and war and politics

Use of power point slides 

Use of video


Theme  Differences that existed between Centers of Civilization in Pre-colonial Nigeria 
Day 1 11th March 2024 2 period
Topic  Differences that existed between Centers of Civilization in Pre-colonial Nigeria
Learning Objectives  At the end of the lesson, students should be able to; 

  1. Examine the reasons for the differences between the centre of civilization in pre-colonial Nigeria.
  2. Analyze the differences between the centers, merits and limitation on Nigeria today. 
Key Vocabulary Words  Infrastructure, Tourism, Cultural Diversity, Civilization, Sculptures.
Previous Knowledge  The students already have an idea on Igbo Ukwu as an Ancient Civilization 
Content  Reasons for the differences in the centers of civilization in pre-colonial Nigeria:

  1. Trade Routes
  2. Political Organization 
  3. Ethnic and Cultural Diversity 
  4. Cultural Preservation and Tourism
  5. Infrastructure Development

Differences Between Kanem- Borno Empire and Hausa States

The following are the differences between Kanem-Borno Empire and Hausa States:

  1. Kanem-Borno origin can be traced to the Maghumi people while that of the Hausa states can be traced to Bayajidda.
  2. Kanem-Borno people speak Kanuri language while people of Hausa states speak Hausa.

Differences Between Ife and Benin Kingdom

  1. Ife artists produced glass beads, while Benin artists produced varieties of beads and sculptures.
  2. Ife’s civilization was located in the South West of Nigeria, while that of Benin was in the South-South of Nigeria.
Strategies/ Activities  Step I: The teacher introduces the class by playing a short video give a detailed explanation to the topic. 

Step II: the students in small groups brainstorm on the reasons of these differences in the centres of civilization on Nigeria today.

Step III: The teacher gives a detailed explanation on the concept.

Step IV: The students are allowed to ask questions and the teacher attends to them accordingly.

Step V: the students where allow to carry out their classwork and marking and feedback was given immediately.

Step VI: The teacher summarizes and give assignment to the students.

  1. State any three differences between Ife and Benin Kingdom.
  2. State any two differences between Kanem-Borno and Hausa State 
Conclusion  The Teacher summarizes the class by randomly asking the students and using open ended questioning style on them
Assignment  Attempt the weekend quiz 
Weekly quiz  
  1. Which region of Nigeria is predominantly inhabited by the Igbo people? ____ (a) North-West (b) South-West (c) South-East (d) North-East 
  2. What administrative structure did the Igbo have that was not necessarily present in all Niger Delta City-States? ____ (a) Age-groups (b) Clan system (c) Monarchy (d) Tribal councils 
  3. Where was the Kanem-Borno Empire located? ___ (a) South-East Nigeria (b) South-West Nigeria (c) North-East Nigeria (d) North-West Nigeria 
  4. What language did the people of Kanem-Borno speak? ____ (a) Igbo (b) Kanuri (c) Hausa (d) Yoruba 
  5. When was Islam introduced to the Kanem-Borno Empire? ______ (a) 11th century (b) 15th century (c) 7th century (d) 18th century 
HODs. Comments and Endorsement

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